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We are a group of new breed of crowdocrats. Yes, the revolutionary idea behind our flagship product was born in a crowd. And as true crowdocrats we firmly believe that the best thing about us is not what we say about ourselves, but what the world says about us. Heres what the experts are saying about us:

"You have a great product and I wish you the best of luck."
Board Certified MD, Internal Medicine, Anti-Aging Expert, East Coast, US
"When I was following your post I had gone to your site and I love your ZEROX product! How can I buy some ZEROX packets"
Internationally known legendary Mega Brander, Motivational Speaker & Author, East Coast, US
"Yes , (my wife) and I would love to be a part of Zerox-MF."
Theatre & Feature Film Actor, Voice Over Artist, East Coast, US
"Zerox-MF: A potential blockbuster!"
Managing Director of a Real Estate Firm, International
"Love the Zerox product! Love it! It's a strong 1st product to create a foundation. With such a strong and respectable health theme, there are many other offerings to add to the product line in the future."
Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, Visionary, West Coast, Us

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We not only let others speak about us, but when we talk, we talk about you. Whether you are young, or old, healthy or sick, whether your lifestyle is active or sedentary, you are all paying a price of living your life – free radicals or oxidants. Oxidants are continuously produced as a part of your normal metabolism. Oxidants damage your body cells causing them to age and become susceptible to diseases.

What if you neutralized your daily production of oxidants? And, what if you did that without any extra caloric consumption and without consuming any synthetic tablet or capsule to gulp? And, what if it always kept your breath fresh enough for close encounters of romantic kind?

Yes, responding to those questions with a miracle product, is our business. If you think we didn't invent a panacea, we assure you we did create a wellness wonder that you cannot live without.

Make a lifestyle statement today.

Join us in the wellness revolution.

Our Mission

We are taking baby steps to a journey that would eventually change how we chose our foods and process them for consumption. It is surprising that most foods that we consume today contain pro-oxidants despite the fact that these foods, sans the oxidant additives, can still taste mouth-wateringly palatable. The tendency to allow pro-oxidants in food processing is a tradition we inherited from the times of ignorance when their health consequences were not known. But old habits die hard. We still fry our French Fries the same way. We still douse virtually everything that we find on the food market shelves in margarine.

It´s the system we are living in that makes it very difficult to let us escape from the perils of oxidants. Oxidants accelerate aging, increase risk for cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cataracts, arthritis, so on and so forth. As a consequence we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic of lifestyle diseases that has transformed our identities from men, women and children to obese, diabetics and heart patients. In this long journey of freedom from the shackles of habits, we can at least do something today to neutralize our daily intake of oxidants. That´s what we call zeroing the effects of oxidants ­ Zerox.

A Breath Freshener

Traditional breath fresheners only mask bad breath, while letting the causative bacterial flora thrive in the mouth. In fact their chemical ingredients may actually harm teeth and gums in the long run.

There is a huge unmet need for a product that cures bad breath instead of just masking it, and maintains excellent oral hygiene.

We present a technological breakthrough that exceeds the market expectation from a breath freshener and delivers a lot more.


An Antioxidant

No matter how healthy your diet and lifestyle is, free radicals (oxidants) are constantly released causing cellular damage leaving your body vulnerable to cancers, aging, and a variety of diseases.

Antioxidants prevent cellular damage by neutralizing the free radicals. Therefore antioxidants play a crucial role in health and longevity. A daily intake of 5000 ORAC units of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables is recommended, which obviously comes with hundreds of calories. We present a technological marvel - the most powerful functional food on the planet - that packs your daily requirement of antioxidants in a zero calorie palatable natural herbal formulation.


A Wellness Wonder

With 81% of consumers “extremely” or “very interested” in improving their personal wellness, we are at the peak of a Wellness Revolution.

Wellness is already a $2 Trillion industry. Presenting a gastronomic delight that not only freshens your breath and neutralizes your daily oxidants, but boosts your defenses against chronic diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, cataract, diabetes, and acute conditions with your digestive system. If not a panacea, it certainly is a Wellness Wonder you cannot afford to live without.


The unprecedented health benefits

Zerox MF isn´t just about zeroing or neutralizing your daily oxidant levels for decelerating aging and reducing your risk of chronic diseases. In addition to being the most powerful antioxidant food ever, Zerox MF ingredients are also known for other health benefits:

  • Halitosis (bad breath) Carminative (relieves flatulence, gas)
  • Digestive
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory

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